Sunday, July 18, 2010

Red Like a Lobster.

We had a yard sale yesterday...on a day that was supposed to be somewhat cloudy that turned out to be super sunny. 6-2pm in the sun, baking. Even SPF50 didn't save me. I now have bright red forearms and a starting to blister forehead and one lone red spot on my chest, right under my neck. Joy.

But, I did get rid of some stuff...the boxes hanging around, in the way, I won't miss. Oh no! Not at all...and it was nice to make some pocket change...not a ton, but some. The best part is I'll probably use it to go thrifting next weekend to find new stuff...crazy, isn't it?

Anyways, so this past week, I've spent some time painting a few things...spray painting this little wood house shelf that I found at a yard sale last summer...and painted this thrifted wood plaque with this image of Charlie Brown as a ghost from "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown". I found this image on FlickR and that's what I painted it from.It's now hanging above my bed, despite not being close to Halloween. I don't care. I think it will stay there all year long. I'm proud of it! I don't normally just fact, here's a secret. I hate painting, so this is a real feat for me. Major progress!I've been working on some more things lately, none of which are ready to be revealed just yet, but as evidence, here is a current picture of my craft closet...Messy, messy!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Now, for the work week to begin. Le sigh.


Michelle said...

Aaw, your little craft closet is super-cute! And so is your bedroom - I love your wall of frames & bedspread (not to mention your charlie brown ghost!). :) I have a wall of frames on the go in my living room, but sadly, they're sill mostly empty. lol.

spacesorceress said...

I love your quilt! Did you make it?

Lindsay said...

Spacesorceress, thank you so much for your compliment on my quilt. I didn't make it, it's actually from Urban Outfitters! :)