Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Angels and Gnomes.

I went out thrifting this past weekend for the first time in a few weeks. There weren't very many yard sales and the ones that were going on weren't very good. I find this has been happening a lot this summer. Aside from the 1 great sale I hit at the beginning of summer where I found all that lovely Christmas stuff and more, I haven't really been to any since. I've found a few things here and there, but last year (which was my first full thrift season) seemed like I found great stuff every weekend. I don't know what's going on. A thrifty dry spell, perhaps?

Of the sales I went to on Saturday, only one proved promising. It was an estate sale of sorts, cleaning out an elderly lady's house, although most of the stuff was already gone, as I understood she had given a lot away previously. I did find some things. A plastic wicker-looking sewing box, lots of old ledger and lined paper (not pictured), a 1969 Singer Sewing Book, which I believe will come in handy, some milk glass vases, rolls of vintage baby and wedding gift wrap, small wood crates, etc.This vintage ceramic mouse figurine was 25 cents.
And these vintage gnome figurines were 25 cents a piece as well. I think they're super cute and couldn't pass them up, despite 2 of them being broken (1 has a chipped cheek, 1 has a broken glued foot).On Sunday, I took Tim's Mom to the flea market and antique store with me. The antique store is where the flea market is located. I found a handful of things.This vintage enamel flower pin was one of my favorite finds and the picture doesn't really do it justice! I talked the vendor down to $2.I'm all about vintage Christmas lately and have my eyes peeled for anything kitschy and cute of the sort. I was happy to find this little ceramic angel figurine and the pair of plastic Rudolphs.I was also very happy to find this lovely angel tree topper decoration...she's about 12" tall and so pretty and kitschy!On a side note, the lady at the antique store told me I must have a specific project in mind for all of the items I purchased because it was "such an eclectic mix of stuff" and I said, no, that's just my style. I found that humorous, especially since, to me, everything looked like it went together so well. Style and personal taste is a funny thing!

Speaking of Christmas earlier, there's only a handful of days left to get your hands on any of the CHRISTMAS IN JULY items at OSN 2. They're going back into the vault (metaphorically speaking, of course) until the Christmas season. You can find everything right here.

I think I'm going to go spend this lovely day making cute "stuff". What are your plans for today?

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