Friday, July 30, 2010

I Scrapbooked.

I know it! It's crazy right? Over the past few months, I've been able to squeak out a layout or two here and there. I haven't really felt like I'm on a roll or anything, but it's a start.
Vintage Notions Addict (12 x 12)Trimming the Tree (8.5 x 11)Sweater Weather (12 x 12)The Handsome Men's Club (12 x 12)My Little Buddy (12 x 12)New Baby Cousin (12 x 12)Laundry Basket Bed (12 x 12)Yove You (12 x 12)

It still feels hard to get started. Sometimes I really feel like I don't know what I'm doing or where to go next with a layout. Hopefully at some point, it will come back.

Maybe I'll even try to scrapbook this weekend. What are your plans?


Kristin Summer said...

Long time follower of your work, but first time commenter! Glad to see you're getting back into your scrapbook groove, and I think you may have inspired me to do the same ;) Love all the new pages, and their creative titles...thanks for the inspiring eye candy :)

*fauve* said...

Owmy and did you scrapbook!!!Sigh Linds i remember,your scrapbooking is sooooo good!!

They are all wonderful...

I scrapbooked too,it was scary!!
Well i made one layout...

But sometimes it feels like i dont know how too!!I do think that sketches help me to get started.
Maybe you should try it?

Lindsay said...

Kristin, thank you so much! I hope you're able to get your scrapbook groove back as well! :) Good luck!

Fauve, I think we've been in the same boat. Maybe that's normal for feel creative in the craft for a while and then to not for some time...hopefully we'll both continue to be creative there again! :)

Stephie C said...

Wow great layouts!!! Way to get back to it! I am working at getting back on a roll myself :) TFS

Melissa Mann said...

Beautiful!!! I've missed seeing your work!! Love them all!

Marie said...

Lovely lovely creations my friend! :)