Sunday, August 8, 2010

Good afternoon.

I'm on vacation this week (from my day job, that is...still planning on taking care of shop stuff) and I'm super excited about it!

Today, I slept in, woke up and decided to make a trip to the flea market because it was a nice day and why not? I also went through the car wash, which I've been wanting/meaning to do for a while now and then picked up an iced tea at Dunkin' Donuts on my way home. Not a bad way to start the day.

Here's what I found at the flea market on this trip...I had been looking for a cute little wall shelf for some time now and was so excited to find this one! It's a soft pink color and has just enough wear and charm to fit perfectly downstairs in my sewing area! The buttons are from West Germany (except the Le Chic buttons!) and are very lovely in person. I couldn't pass up the Mary Poppins and Snow White tin plates for $1 a piece. I always loved Mary Poppins as a child!

I went to the flea market last Sunday as well, however, I didn't find too much on that trip, but I did find a lady who was offering lots of old vintage greeting cards...some were so lovely, with sweet touches of glitter and "faux" hair. These were some of the cards I picked up...Notice the faux hair on this one, as I previously mentioned? So funny!This sealed pack of Dennison Christmas seals was $2. I don't know if I dare open it...hmm...And this was everything I brought home all together. The cross-stitched picture was $1 and the gorgeous doily was $2.I'm still finding the yard sales around here this year to be sub-par. I went to 2 yesterday, the only 2 that sounded remotely interesting and I found a vintage figurine at one that was cute, but they were asking $5 for it, which I thought was extremely pricey for a yard sale. At the next one I found 2 miniatures Japan figurines and they wanted $1 each (I wouldn't have paid more than $1 for both), so I came home empty-handed. There's not too many more weekends here until it's autumn and chilly, so I hope these weekends to come will be full of great sales, but I'm not optimistic.

What are your plans for the week? Anything fun?

PS., what do you think of the blog makeover? Do you like?

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