Monday, August 30, 2010

Some Thrifted Finds and a Halloween Peek.

Hello all! I've got sooo much on my to do list today, so I'm going to try to make this a quick post!

I wanted to share what I found at a yard sale on Saturday. Went to hand full, but I only found stuff at one. It was an estate sale of sorts. The lady who owned the house passed away and left all her stuff for the local Baton Troupe to sell and whatever they made, they got to keep as a sort of donation. The lady must have been crafty!

I found this box of vintage velvet ribbon, made in Switzerland. Sooo many pretty colors and a lot of the spools are still full! There were 41 large spools in all and I believe some of it will make its way into Other Such Nonsense 2 soon!I also found a huge double-sided tackle box filled with embroidery floss...pretty much every color under the sun! All of it was wrapped around little plastic cards and each card appears to be full! I've going to have to learn how to embroider!
I also found some lovely ribbon...
And Tim picked up these 2 sealed original Nintendo NES games! I spotted these and I'm such a Nintendo geek! I have 3 original NES systems currently in the house. He paid 75 cents a game!I want to share some peeks at some new Halloween goodies that are ready to make their way into Other Such Nonsense in the next few days.

There's some Spooky Owl Wreath Ornaments (limited edition of 3)...And 2 versions of these Halloween Wall Hangings/Signs...both made with vintage plastic celluloid cake toppers! These are limited as well, as I only had a hand full of these wonderful cake toppers.Like I said, these should arrive in the shop within the next few days, maybe even later today, so if you haven't already, please heart Other Such Nonsense, and be on the lookout! I'm going to have LOTS of Christmas goodies this year, I'm already hard at work on them! More ornaments and some new lovelies!

Off to tackle the to do list! Hope everyone has a fantastic Monday (if that's possible!)... :)

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Marie aka bettiescrapbook said...

man you find some great stuff!!! Those halloween stuffs are cool!!