Friday, October 29, 2010

Autumn Crafting - Felt Leaf Garlands

About 2 weeks ago, my friend, Katie, and I got together to make some felt Autumn Leaf Garlands. We were inspired by Elsie Flannigan's handmade felt leaf garland seen here.Beforehand, we ordered some high quality wool blend Fancy Felt from Sue Eggen's Etsy shop, Giant Dwarf. We each picked out 6 colors/pieces and split a 12-piece custom pack. This felt is so much nicer and easier to work with than your average craft store felt and I highly recommend it! I think if you try it, you won't want to go back. Sure, it's pricier, but it's way worth it. Plus, it comes in so many nice color shades!

To make the garland, we used Elsie's as a general guideline. We each freehand cut our own leaves and then just simply hand stitched them together with embroidery floss. Super simple! We both finished pretty quickly, the longest part being the stitching.I actually made 2 of them and have yet to hang up the second one. I thought I'd add a fun touch to mine by stitching lace over the brown leaves to give it a more feminine appeal.

So much fun! :)

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