Saturday, June 11, 2011

Vintage Wood Milk Crate Help

Hello all, I know it's been forever and I promise to properly post soon (not that anything has been going on to talk about).

For now though, I'm asking for help from anyone who knows how to properly clean a vintage wood (and metal) milk crate. I picked one up at a sale today and want to be able to properly clean the wood. It's in pretty good shape as is, just old and dusty/dirty. Does anyone have any good tips? I'd love to be able to create a display with it at some point indoors, but I have a bug phobia and don't want to bring it in the house until I can be sure it's clean and that anything creepy and crawly (even if they are teeny and tiny creepy crawlies) are good and dead and not coming in with it. I'm sure it's not too bad as is, but if anyone does have any good tips, I'd love to hear them and would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!

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Anonymous said...

Allow me to suggest a natural boiling water treatment. The steam would be good enough to give your crate a fresh restart, especially if you wish to enhance your kitchen with a brand new accessory.

Have a nice day