Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Being from Maine, usually the flea markets and yard and garage sales die down in late September and early October gets cold!  This past weekend, however, I read about an estate sale on sounded okay and it was okay...I got a few things like some vintage plastic babies and kewpies to add to my collection and a couple fun vintage coloring books, along with a few other odds and ends.  Not bad.  I was hoping for some vintage Christmas, but it turns out the lady was Jewish, so alas, so vintage Christmas there to be found. 

On the way back from the sale, however, I noticed a sign for a church rummage sale, so of course, that warranted a turn around!  And wow, totally worth it!  Table and tables of stuff to pick through!  I LOVE picking through never know what each table holds!

I found a stack of vintage children's Junior Elf and Whitman Tell-A-Tale books, some fun tins for storage and an added bonus inside one tin, a vintage plastic children's novelty miniature tea set, a Baby Sinclair from "Dinosaurs" 1990s figure and then I spotted it...the Christmas table!  The first thing I noticed was a ceramic light up tree sitting in a box...I've been looking for one of these forever!  It needed some cleaning and I'm going to replace the bulbs with some different ones (it was missing 3), but it works and it was only $5!  Then, I spotted a box with some loose ornaments and in there was a lone hot pink Shiny Brite, a small wooden angel, lone plastic Santa cupcake pick, and best of all, a made in Japan Spun Cotton Head Pine Cone Santa ornament!  Score!  In another box, I found 3 vintage Santa face mugs...double score! 

Then I was digging in a box and in the bottom, tucked in the corner, 2 vintage Mercury glass garlands!  I am ALWAYS on the look out for these and have only ever found 1, so I was thrilled with this find!  And one was even has shaped beads, even better!  Unfortunately, some of the beads are I will have to either restring or use the remaining beads in crafts, but still, well worth it!  They gave me all of my little Christmas finds for $1 for all!  The mugs were 25 cents each.  Every year, I always forget about the church sales and I need to not do that because I always find good stuff and the prices are always sooo reasonable and the money goes to the church.  Never pass up a church sale!

November is shaping up to be a good thrift month!  On top of the 2 sales this past weekend, I went to some local Goodwills and Salvation Armies today with Tim's Mother and I think she brought me some great luck, because I found a few REALLY exciting finds, but I will have to show you those next times because I haven't taken pictures yet.  This weekend, there is another estate sale, so I am excited about the possibilities of what I might find there!

I have been slowly adding more Christmas goodies to Other Such Nonsense...I've also re-opened my vintage and supply shop and have done an update there as well with some fun supplies!  I will continue to add more over the next couple weeks...I've got some really exciting things coming!  Off to do some listing now! :)

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