Thursday, December 13, 2012

Decking the Halls 2012

I just finished watching this year's Glee Christmas special, so I'm on a Christmas high right now.  Even if Glee isn't the same show I originally fell in love with, I think it's getting a little bit back on track and their Christmas episodes are always really fun!  So, while I'm on this Christmas high, I thought it would be a good time to share the rest of the photos of my Christmas decorations this year. Of course this means there's another photo-heavy post ahead!
I think I picked up more decorations this year than I had originally thought, because towards the end, I was really stretching to find places to put things.  In my eyes, you can never really have too much Christmas, as long as you really love everything you have.  I find I cherish my Christmas decorations a little bit more than my every day decorations.  Does that mean I want to keep them up all year? No. And not wanting to dust everything does have a lot to do with that.  Really, though, I think it makes them extra special bringing them out one time of year.
Every time I open a box or uncover a new layer in a box, I get so excited to see everything again.  It's especially exciting to see something you forgot you had.  This happens a lot with things I find over the summer at yard and estate sales.  Sometimes if I don't take a picture of it, and just put it away in the Christmas closet, I forget I picked it up and it's like finding it all over again!  Does that ever happen to you?
Most of all, I just love putting everything up and making it look like a mini Christmas wonderland in here. Sure, it's a process sometimes and it can get a little overwhelming at first, but it all comes together and when it does, it's the best!  There truly is something magical about Christmas to me and the decorations are just the icing on the cake!
Are you all decorated for Christmas yet?  When do you typically decorate...before or after Thanksgiving?

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