Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas bonus sale!

Just wanted to quickly promote the sale I'm having in my Etsy shop now! Prices on select Christmas items have been reduced in time for the holidays, including all ornaments! Here's a peek at what I have in stock...In other news, I think I've been more busy in the past 2 or so weeks than I thought I ever could be. I'm been so go! go! go! that I just know the moment things wind down, I'll probably end up getting sick, as that always seems to happen. Usually around New Year's. Blah! Of course, thinking that will happen probably ensures that that will happen. Should probably start thinking positively. I've heard that positive thinking is very powerful. Have yet to try it though, haha...

Hoping to do a more in depth update soon. Need to show off the lovely ornaments I received in the Red Velvet Art Ornament swap. Unfortunately, trying to be crafty and being in retail at this time of year doesn't bode well for free time. Hope everyone is doing well and staying warm!



Christina C. said...

gosh you are so talented. I love the detail that you put on everything.

utter cuteness.

Nicole said...

These are SO colorful and sweet. Very neat, whimsical feel. Love it!

I'm sure you're super-busy, but I just got tagged, and I'd love to learn some more about you so I'm tagging you--if you get a moment and want to play along . . . (if not, that's ok, too! :-))

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Merry Christmas!

Marie said...

I love your ornaments soooo much! They are so beautiful! Everything is super awesome too oh and congrats on the catwalk girl! Woot!!!!

Jill Deiling said...

your etsy stuff is sooo cute!!