Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's late afternoon and I could take a nap.

But I won't. I never nap, unless I'm sick. I don't know, but I just can't bring myself to lay down in the middle of the day. It feels...strange. Is anyone else like that?

Did you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend? We did some grilling with our new grill...yay! I also happened to get a billion mosquito bites. That part was not cool. I'd love to hear what everyone else did, so share away in the comments section! :)I was also busy all weekend editing photos, taking photos and adding lots of new items to Other Such Nonsense. 40 items and counting, I'm proud of myself! haha So, be sure to heart the shop because more is coming! Here's a few things I've already added, in addition to what I showed in the previous post...And don't forget, I'm including a Little House magnet in every order for the first 10 customers! :)

Saturday morning, I went out thrifting with my Grandmother. We went to some yard sales and the local flea market. I didn't find too much, but I did find some things...Some fabric and quilt scraps, plastic gold mailbox letters, an old girl squeaker doll (the squeaker still works!), some vintage bling, a Casper the Friendly Ghost pop-out book (this was free!), and a pair of googly-eyed owl magnets. Definitely a decent start to the season.Aren't those fabric pieces so lovely??? Can't wait to use them!Oh, and this throw was thrifted from Goodwill a few weeks ago. I was waiting to photograph it after it went for a ride in the washing machine. Aren't the grey and shades of purple gorgeous? It's soooo soft too!

It's my friend, Erika's birthday tomorrow (happy birthday, Erika!) and in honor of that I made her a little piece of tiny wall art with a photo of us from almost 10 years ago now.I haven't seen her in a bit and I miss her sooo much (she lives all the way across the country)...so I thought it would be nice to send her a little something.

Anyways, I think that's all I have for now...off to edit more photos and hopefully add more items to the shop this evening. Back to work tomorrow, eek! :)

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Euphoria said...

awwww... you have such cute little items- love it!