Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ornaments, Ornaments, Ornaments!

I love ornaments! If you couldn't tell...sparkly, vintage, vintage inspired, handmade, traditional, non-traditional, cute, classic, all of the above! It's what I'm inspired most to make, and of course, I always hope my ornaments find a good home.

This weekend, I've listed lots of new ornaments at Other Such Nonsense!

There are Winter Wonderland Vintage Spool Ornaments...
And Winter Wonderland Diorama Ornaments...Merry Mini Wreath Ornaments...And perhaps my favorite, Spun Cotton and Chenille Santas and Snowmen! These are made from vintage 1940s/1950s spun cotton toppers!
More to come soon, so keep checking back! What are your favorite ornaments to include on your tree?

1 comment:

*Fauve* said...

These are so cute,color makes me wanna celebrate Xmas now!